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How Do I Get Debt Collectors Off My Back Regarding An Ex?

Debt collections can be very unscrupulas and unethical sometimes and it has been known for them to bully and haras people that are not even liable for the debt! Threatening someone's home address with "recovery actions" can be very stressful. Jubilee can help you establish if you need to pay any of these debts, [...]

What Are The Easiest Ways To Reduce Spending?

Going into debt is an unfortunate situation but once in it, many people have trouble keeping their spending in check to prevent debt from growing. For anyone struggling to repay debts, a reduction in spending will free up more money to apply to outstanding bills. Follow these simple tips to reduce spending in different [...]

How Can You Make an Offer of Payment to a Debt Company?

If a bill goes unpaid for a long period, the debt falls into arrears. A creditor typically does not wish to deal with the defaulted account so it passes the debt to a collection agency, which is a company that specializes in purchasing and collecting debts. The agency purchases the debt from the creditor [...]

My Credit Report Is Inaccurate, What Can I Do?

We are constantly told to check our credit reports to make sure our identity has not been stolen and fraudulent accounts are not being used. However, there is a flip side to this in that sometimes real credit accounts are not showing up on the credit report. This can be just as bad as [...]

How Long Before My Credit Rating Improves?

It does not take much to damage your credit rating. A foolish purchase at a young age and the credit card bill comes in and you have no idea how you are going to pay for it. One month passes, then two, and the next thing you know the card is closed and you [...]

I Am Divorced And In Debt Help!

Divorce is an unpleasant process, made even worse when one or both partners are in debt. During the split, individual and joint debts are considered in the financial agreement. Divorcing spouses should ensure that all debts are properly handled so neither person is unfairly burdened with these. If divorced people find themselves in debt, [...]

Help, I Have Huge Credit Card Debt and No Job

Credit card debt can be difficult enough to repay when you have a job. If consumers become unemployed after amassing credit card debt, their income will be drastically reduced. In order to survive, they must change the way they live. Being late with credit card payments affects their credit score. Maintaining payments prevents credit [...]

Effective Techniques For Increasing Credit Rating Or Credit Score

Each lender provides a credit score to a consumer based on its criteria for an ideal customer. A good credit rating opens the door to new credit cards, loans, mortgages, and other forms of credit. A bad rating keeps these doors closed and throws away the key. It is not difficult to increase your [...]

Debt Collection Debt Collectors Bailiffs And Harassment

Debt collection is a necessary but uncomfortable situation for all involved. Legal guidelines stipulate what behavior is acceptable when attempting to collect debts. There are several laws regarding harassment of debtors by creditors and generally accepted guidelines pertaining to unacceptable creditor behavior. Consumers should become familiar with these so they can identify situations involving [...]

County Court Judgments or CCJs How Do They Work

Some people in debt find themselves on the receiving end of a County Court Judgment, also called a CCJ. They’re used in England and Wales. Receiving a CCJ Court Summons/Claim Form can be a scary situation. If you encounter it, contact the debt experts at Jubilee Debt Management because we offer debt advice to help [...]