Jubilee Database (16-05-05) Updated June 2024

Jubilee Database (16-05-05)

Can ‘Make Poverty History’ really make poverty history? (29-06-05)

G8 Debt Relief Proposals (14-06-05)

New Publication. Ecological Debt: The Health of the Planet and the Wealth of Nations by Andrew Simms (19-05-05)

David Woodward: Wolfowitz and Global “Democracy”: a Test of Blair’s Commitment to the Africa Commission (18-03-05)

Real-World Economic Outlook edited by Ann Pettifor and published by Palgrave Macmillan in September 2003.

This is what the IMF thinks of our Real World Economic Outlook. More…

More from Jubilee Research…

Brown seeks G7 support to write off third world debt DEVELOPMENT AID: (08-07-04)
Africa’s poorest ‘should refuse to repay debt’ (07-07-04)

Belgium clears the path to developing world prosperity (05-07-04)

Blair hails push on debt relief for poorest (14-06-04)

G8 fails to cancel the debt of the poorest countries (14-06-04)

UK Press Reports that Bush Supports 100% Cancellation for 41 Countries (10-06-04)

Bush backs UK plan for debt relief (08-06-04)

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Jubilee Movement International Tracking HIPC
Boletín informativo – No.1 Mes de junio de 2003 Jubileo 2000 Ecuador 30-06-03

Japan Announces Debt Cancellation. Japan Network on Debt and Poverty (15-01-03)

Jubilee 2000 campaigners in the Argentine Congress petitioned Kofi Annan for the Jubilee Framework. (13-08-02)

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Senegal Reaches Completion Point (23-04-04)

Debt relief for poor countries held up by discord Alan Beattie, FT.com (12-02-04)

Guyana reaches Completion Point (04-02-04)

Nicaragua Reaches Completion Point: IMF and World Bank Support US$4.5 Billion in Debt Service Relief for Nicaragua (23-01-04)

More on Tracking HIPC…

Data Bank Analysis
Country profiles, Debt data, national statistics, health and education indicators, and broader information on the most indebted nations.

Latest info on Zambia (19-02-03)

Latest briefings, including an update on HIPCs and a briefing on Pakistan’s debt

Debt tables Detailed figures on the debts of developing nations.

Glossary of debt terms

For an ABC of the ECGD, click here

Former derivatives trader Sony Kapoor rebuts the criticisms of the latest Currency Transaction Tax (Tobin Tax) Proposals and presents a pragmatic unilateral version. (June 2004)

How the UK can afford to cancel its share of Third World Debt – A report by JDC and WDM (March 2004)

Sony Kapoor takes a light-hearted but insightful look at randomness in life and financial markets (23-08-04)

How can Weather Bonds contribute to international development? By Sony Kapoor (PDF 20-08-04)

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Opinion of Finance and Economics
Jubilee + will periodically post an opinion piece by a named author to stir lively debate and discussion on a chosen issue.

George Monbiot: How to Stop America

Joseph Stiglitz: The ruin of Russia

Ann Pettifor: Politics vital for human development says UNDP

More Opinion…

How low can the stock market go? By Mary Gahan BBC News (27-01-03)

U.S.’s growing trade deficit fuels ballooning net foreign debt (13-01-03)

Let Latin America find its path – Duncan Green, The Guardian (05-08-02)

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Jubilee Research at the New Economics Foundation is an official successor to the Jubilee 2000 UK campaign, which launched the slogan “Drop the Debt” and was supported by Bono of U2, Bob Geldof, Youssou Ndour, Thom Yorke, and others. Jubilee 2000 was a hugely successful international campaign that mobilised 24 million people over five years to cancel the “unpayable debts of the poorest countries by 2000.”

In 1999, at the Cologne G8 Summit, world leaders agreed to cancel $100bn of debts owed by the poorest countries. Jubilee Research, whose director is Ann Pettifor, took over from Jubilee 2000 in 2001 and provides in-depth analysis and data on third-world debt, including the sovereign debts of HIPCs—Heavily Indebted Poor Countries—emerging markets, but also rich debtor nations like the US. We also promote a new, just, international insolvency framework for sovereign debtors—the Jubilee Framework.

Insolvency database – will I get found?

Many people ask, is an iva a good idea?  Well, as long as you don’t have a job where you are not allowed any form of insolvency or many illiquid assets, your creditors could potentially cease; an IVA could be an excellent idea.  Your insolvency will be written into the public record, but if you already have CCJs, it’s not the end of the world.

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