Debt Consolidation

Can I Get Out of Debt Quicker With a Debt Consolidation Loan?

It is very easy to become overwhelmed with debt issues. It takes just a small moment of weakness to max out all of your cards and go from zero debt to five-figure debt. All of a sudden, you are trying to figure out which cards to pay and which cards to pass by for [...]

Are There Any Benefits With Debt Consolidation?

For many people, a debt consolidation loan is the only option for them to get out of debt. High interest credit cards with high balances often mean that very little of the payment is going towards the principal. If only the minimal balance is being paid on multiple cards, less than a third of [...]

Finding the Right Cosigner for Your Debt Consolidation Loan

Your debt continues to pile up, but you think you have finally figured out a way to get your head back above water. While your loan application was declined, the bank officer informed you that if you could find a cosigner, it would be approved. Now you need to figure out whom to ask [...]

A Guide To Debt Consolidation Loans In The UK

The process of debt consolidation involves using a single new loan to repay several existing debts. For many UK residents, this is a smart way to regain control of finances. However, not all consolidation loans are equally attractive so some comparison-shopping is required to find the best deal. There are also some steps to take [...]