Buy To Let Secured Loans For Landlords In May 2024

UK Propertybuy to let secured loans

In order to help a portfolio flourish and also provide financing for a number of projects, landlords often turn to secured loans for buy to let properties.  Buy to Let Secured Loans are still available at some great low rates.

The knowledgeable loan advisors at Jubilee offer their expert guidance and provide competitive buy to let second charge loans to individuals across the United Kingdom. At Jubilee, we believe in value, quality and flexibility, and our clients reap the benefits from our industry knowledge and cultivated relationships in their financial transactions every day.

Defining Buy to Let Secured Loans

Buy-to-let secured loans, also called second-charge loans or secured business loans, are an important form of financing. Individuals who own a residential, semi-commercial, or commercial property all qualify to apply for a buy-to-let secured loan and this financing can be used to release significant funds from the property to help support either the individual or their business – these additional funds can be used to simply increase cash flow within the business or expand for bigger and better projects.

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Defining Buy to Let First Charges

Buy to let first charges, also known as buy to let mortgages are one of the most commonly used financial options by landlords. In general, the terms of buy-to-let mortgages from many high-street banks are very strict, making them much less appealing or difficult to obtain.

At Jubilee, we pride ourselves on offering a much more flexible process – our team will take the time to get to know you, your project and your financial needs and be able to match you with the perfect funding solution.

Why Choose Jubilee?

When you have so many choices in lending institutions and loan brokers, it can be difficult to decide with whom to work. Jubilee holds many attributes that high street banks and other brokers simply do not have to offer their clients – experience, quality, and flexibly in lending.

With so many years of service to the United Kingdom, Jubilee has access to and has cultivated great relationships with leading lenders in the county, which helps to provide the very best financing options for our clients.

At Jubilee, we understand that being informed and having communication is the key to finding the perfect financing solution. This is why our clients have direct access to our team, which is always ready and willing to answer questions.

We also take the time to explain each step in the process and make sure our clients are fully informed. With so many years of experience, we understand that communication is important for our clients to make informed, confident decisions about their financial future.

Jubilee’s clients enjoy a number of great benefits by working with our staff to secure the financing they need.

Some of these benefits of secured loans buy to let property include:

  • Fast loan completions on buy to let equity loans,
  • Interest-only loan options
  • Considerations for clients who may have poor credit
  • Options for those who are traditionally or self-employed.

In addition to these benefits, Jubilee can also help our clients secure up to 75 per cent Loan to Value, financing for standard and non-standard construction, and support from our experienced team.

Jubilee has the ability to offer our clients excellent Loan to Value, or LTV, for their property on buy to let secured loans and we are able to service and assist a wide range of different clients.

We pride ourselves on truly working for and educating our clients and providing informative, professional services through every step of the loan process. This approach helps us to ensure that landlords are using the appropriate type of financing and the one that will work best for their business or specific project.  Borrowing against rental property can be much faster than a remortgage.  An advisor will consult the buy to let mortgage calculator to work out exactly how much you can get.

Aside from buy to let secured loans, which are also known as second charges, Jubilee is also recognised for our flexible first charge services for unfettered buy to let properties. Whether a landlord is looking for £10,000 to update a property or £100,000 to purchase and overhaul a property, Jubilee works with clients to provide the services and financing they need.

Our expert team takes the time to speak with clients and understand the entirety of their projects in an effort to find the best financial match.  A personal loan to buy investment property is a low rate as the quality of the collateral pledged is very high.  You don’t have to change your buy-to-let mortgage you already have.

Yes, as long as you have the income to pay it back.

As long as you have the personal income to support the loan you can get a loan to get a buy to let property mortgage deposit.

Yes, subject to your income and the rent of the property

Yes, these types of loans are designed for mortgaged properties.  Secured loans on buy to let property are also very possible.