Jubilee is dedicated to planning and executing large bridging and development finance facilities.

Situated in central Cardiff our committed team of finance professionals are experts in sourcing and mapping out the absolute best possible deals, for both bridging and development finance structures that are more than £1 million.

One member of the business purely takes care of short, intermediate and long-term facilities which are over £55 million.

Why have a committed team for large facilities?

Many bridging lenders who administer loans of £110,000 are usually happy to fund facilities above £1 million, quite a few of these offering up to £8 million, along with a couple ready to lend in excess of this amount.

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Having said that, there are specialist loan providers who will not offer loan amounts that are less than £1 million. Quite a few of these have minimal loan amounts stretching from £1 million to 30 million.

It is, therefore, no surprise that these lenders are typically the most competitive in the targeted marketplace when it comes to providing finance for figures in excess of £1 million.

Why Use Bridging?

In simple words, bridging loans could be called as a short-term financing option. They merely represent a bridge which satisfies the gap between different due financial obligations.

The primary line of credit especially credit related to property purchases come from this group of loans. In urgent funding conditions, these kinds of loans are chiefly used.

These days, because of the financial meltdown, many banks and building societies are avoiding financing loans to needy individuals. This is the reason; people are opting for bridging loans.

Bridging loans have numerous usages. You can get them for entirely new property investment, property improvement and buy-to-let kind of residences.

Our dedicated organisation already has the knowledge as well as the indispensable associations to operate directly with these specialist lenders.

This qualifies us to additionally get and arrange the most suitable available short and long-term financial facilities for substantial loan sums exceeding £1 million and as much as £1 billion.

To get further related information kindly contact us anytime and we will be happy to provide any specifics that you require.

Bridging loans for Semi Commercial Property

Semi commercial property can be complicated to finance.  It depends on the amount of residential property and the amount of business property that the title is made up of.  Sometimes it can pay to use a bridging loan on another property to make your semi-commercial property unencumbered.  Once it has no charges on it you can instruct a solicitor to split titles and make the commercial separate from the residential.  For longer-term finance, please see our semi-commercial mortgage page.

Do you or your partner have good personal income?

If its likely the usual term of bridging finance is not going to fit your purchasing/property development objectives, it may be more cost-effective (but potentially tax inefficient) to have more borrowing against your primary residence.  Even with some bad credit, a secured loan or primary residence remortgage may offer a much lower risk to a lender and involve a lot fewer fees.