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Nobody likes to admit they have a debt problem

We make finding a debt solution easy. Financing options are available for most situations.

Us Brits are proud people, and we do not like to admit when we have a problem with debt. We try to protect our credit ratings, cut back on essential living expenses to pay loans, credit cards and store cards on time so we don’t feel like we are letting anyone down.It is usual for people in debt to take out more loans to consolidate credit cards then they use the credit cards again if circumstances change such as a global pandemic like COVID-19, redundancy, loss of hours or overtime or a new addition to the family which brings an increase in living expenses.

The risks of a debt consolidation loan especially a high-interest one could get you into further debt with the interest. There are other debt solutions that can help you consolidate all your debts into one affordable repayment such as a debt management plan, or an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) which is a government-approved debt solution.

We can help you and advise on the best debt solutions for your current circumstances. Do not rob Peter to pay Paul, juggle your finances or take out more credit to fund credit to try and protect your credit rating or in some circumstances to protect your pride and ego!We are a nation of buy now pay later people and try to “keep up with the Jones next door’”

Debt doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter if you are on benefits only, working full or part-time or self-employed we can help you find a debt solution if you are overcommitted, struggling and have had a genuine change in circumstances.We can help you consolidate all your debts into one affordable payment without you having to borrow any more money or more importantly having to go bankrupt!

Contact us today and one of our friendly debt experts will discuss your options without obligation.

If you have debts just in your name or in joint names, we can help you. If you do not want your partner to know you are seeking debt help or advice that is fine, all our calls are strictly private and confidential.

A lot of people find it hard to talk to their creditors anytime they get into trouble; particularly if there have been disputes previously.

That’s exactly where we come in.

Some people are best-advised to enter into an informal debt management plan.

While lenders aren’t obligated to accept our DMP partners affordable repayment offers, they will have the reassurance that, because you’re on a DMP, you’ll get support to pay off your debt dependably, instead of committing to an amount you can’t sustain.

How your proposal is negotiated:

  • First, we’ll work with you to identify how much cash you have available after all priority debts such as your rent/mortgage, food, travel and additional costs are removed.
  • Then we’ll look at what you have readily available left over to pay the regular monthly expense of any type of loans, overdraft accounts and credit and store cards and any other ‘unsecured’ personal debts (so-called because they aren’t secured against your house).
  • The debt management provider will use this information to attempt to demonstrate that scaling down payments (and halting interest and charges) is the most effective solution for all of the parties. They’ll ask your creditors to agree to this
  • Creditors will respond. They’ll have been offered their fair share of what you can afford to pay. While it cannot be guaranteed, most major creditor organizations are willing to accept sensible and fair debt management plans and also very often make concessions to their borrowers that are using them.

Your Credit Rating

In general terms, it is important to understand that all debt solutions are likely to result in damage to your credit rating. This can cause difficulties in obtaining credit in the short term and there is some likelihood that such difficulties may continue in the medium to long term.

In connection to all debt solutions we draw your attention to the following specific subjects:

Certain account specific information is held on your credit record. Missed payments, late payments, or reduced payments, are all likely to be reported to credit reference agencies and the information that is reported will remain on your credit file for six years.

Default notices may be issued on your accounts. Any such default notice will remain on your credit file for a period of six years.

A damaged credit rating will potentially restrict access to all types of credit. The terms upon which any type of credit is offered to you may be less beneficial than those available to persons with good credit records.

Some employers may include credit checks as part of their employment application or review procedures.

A public register of Debt Arrangement Schemes is kept.

In connection to insolvency-based debt solutions (bankruptcy, sequestration, Scottish trust deeds, IVA, debt relief order) we draw your attention to the following additional subjects:

Restrictions may be placed upon obtaining any further credit.

Employees in some types of employment, especially those working in the “professions”, may find that formal insolvency will prevent them from working in their chosen field.

Public registers of personal insolvencies are kept.