Advantis Credit Ltd Threats, Harassment, Home Visits, Text Messages & Letters?

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Find Out The Facts That Advantis Credit Don’t Want You To Know

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Who are they?

Advantis debt collection services is a branch of the company known as Advantis Credit Ltd. Founded in 2004, Advantis Credit specialized in debt collection and credit management. They collect debts on behalf of their clients like HMRC. They work with HM Revenue and customers to collect debt in different formats like tax debt.

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Are they a legitimate debt collection agency?

Advantis is a debt collection agency, and their debt collectors collect outstanding debts for utility companies including water, gas and electricity. They also collect debt on behalf of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA and the Department for Work and Pensions.

They are licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; and a member of the Credit Services Associations. Since they are regulated and licensed, there are rules that need to be followed. If they are not, you can contact the financial ombudsman service to file a complaint.

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Does Advantis work for HMRC?

Why is Advantis Credit Contacting me?

Collection agencies like Advantis Credit are contacting you because they believe you owe them or a company they work with money. Advantis Credit pushed debt at a fraction of its face value, sometimes for as little as 20% of the face value. Like other debt collection agencies, they make their profit by collecting all of just part of the debt owed.

So if you are concerned why Advantis debt collectors are contacting you about the debt you did not originally owe to them, the first step is finding the original source of the debt. Advantis debt collection agency can purchase unpaid debt from other companies, which means you have now entered a new repayment agreement with them as opposed to your prior creditor.

This collection company makes its profit on you paying back your debt. They care little for personal situations around money and debt owed. In their eyes, you are the one who ran up the debt. Therefore it is up to you to pay it back, no matter the circumstances.

 Contact us if you feel as if Advantis has not been following the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority regarding your debt. For more support and answers to debt questions, visit:

Un Paid Tax

Advantis debt collection works with several creditors, including and not limited to HMRC. You may have received a phone call because they are looking to collect the unpaid taxes. These unpaid taxes may have come from self-assessments, tax returned or overpaid credits. Advantis debt collectors also collect late filing and late payment on behalf of the HMRC.

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Do I really owe Advantis Credit?

While the quick answer might be yes, there are some things you can do first to confirm they are in fact holding your debt. The first step is to find out how did the Advantis debt collection agency gain your debt. This way, you can see the amount of money you owe, and the payments missed since they took over ownership of the debts.

Contact Advantis Credit to obtain a copy of the original debt you owe, and if they cannot provide you with this information, then you may not have to pay them.

What do I do now?

So you contact them, and they have purchased your debt, so you owe them. So what is your next step? The best course of action is to repay the money you owe if you can. If there are reasons you cannot pay the debts, maybe you have other bills that need to come first like rent, car payments and a mortgage.

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Contact Advantis Credit for a repayment plan if you cannot pay the full amount. One of the biggest mistakes is committing to a repayment plan that you cannot afford.

The first step is a make a budget, take the money you have and allocate some to fixed expenses like food, rent and more. With that complete, you can see how much you can commit to repayment of your outstanding debt.

If you cannot pay your outstanding debt, contact us by filling out this form to see what help is available to you.

What if I don’t pay?

While not paying your debts is always an option, it is not one of the best. Advantis credit has many tools they will use to pressure you into repaying your debt. Debt collection agencies have a host of tools from calling over and over, using an automated calling program, to sending a threatening letter to your home.

If you were to continue to ignore their attempts to contact you, that is when things can get worse. As a debt collection company, they have the right to chase you for the debt until you repay them. Companies like this also use door-to-door debt collectors who will show up at your home.

Stop the stress of having someone show up at your house, fill out this form to stop the debt collection process. A judge can order an attachment of earnings in order to get their money, get help before that happens.

Debt collectors from Advantis credit are not bailiffs, so they cannot enter your home. This may seem scary, so please get in touch before that happens to get help in dealing with Advantis Credit.

The longer you do not pay the debt you have owed, the more interest can be added to the amount. Continued refusal to get in contact with Advantis or to seek other means of support can increase their attempt to collect the debts. They have the ability to not only issue default notices on the debts, but can also apply for a County Court Judgement.

Think rules are being broken?

While there are rules in place to ensure that debt collectors follow the rules when dealing with customers, it is not unheard of for them to work outside of the rules. They may claim that they are going to call your place of employment to ask them to pay your debts, or claim to be coming to take possessions like cars. Sometimes, they may even lie claiming they are from the country court judgement.

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Being harassed for debts can have negative effects in your life, stress from the constant phone calls. Then there is the feeling of shame in letting your debt get out of control.

Not to worry, there are options available to help you through these stressful times. We are hear to help.

Can Advantis Credit take me to court?

Advantis Credit can take you to court in order to get you to repay your debt. They can take you to court to claim the money that you now owe to them. If you have been taken to court a letter from the County Court Judgement will come to your home.

While this might seem scary, remember you cannot go to jail for not paying debts. Fill out this form to avoid legal action being taken.

If the County Court Judgement is ignored, remember you cannot go to jail, but they may send a bailiff to your home. The bailiff is to carry out the requests of the CCJ, and they will come to your property and recover items to cover what you own if they rule in favour of the debt collection agency.

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How long can they chase me for debt?

Because of the Limitation Act of 1980, you can only be legally chased for debt for six years from your last payment after that it is statute-barred. Although if you have been contacted by the CCJ indicating your debt has already been taken to court, you can be chased indefinitely.

How do I contact Advantis Credit?

If you need to contact them for any reason, either to confirm your debt owed or for debt advice.

If you would like to write them a letter, their mailing address is indicated below.

Collection agencies like this one have been known to be threatening and skirt the law fill out this form to get help. Contact us before you contact Advantis Credit.

Want to speak to someone over the phone at Advantis Credit? Call 01782 401 100 Keep in mind that any conversation you have over the phone will probably be recorded.

Their website also offers a live chat agent where you can speak with someone in real-time via their chat platform.

How can I pay Advantis Credit?

According to their website, they accept a wide range of payment options. Via their website, you can pay by credit or debit card. You can also pay by bank transfer, the Barclays Pingit service or by direct debit.

Advantis Credit Ltd

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