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What is PRA Group UK?

PRA Group is the trading name of PRA Group UK Limited, which is wholly owned by a subsidiary of PRA Group Europe Holding. PRA Group is a debt purchase and debt collection agency that buys debts from other companies and collects them on their behalf.

PRA Group has been operating in the Bromley area since 2001. They buy debts from companies like MBNA, Barclaycard, Lloyds, Instant Cash Loan, and others. Debt collectors like the PRA buy debt at a reduced price and then attempt to collect in full.

Are the PRA Group Debt Collectors legitimate?

The short answer is yes. Just because they are legitimate debt collectors does not mean they are following debt collection laws. Customers’ details call where debt collectors have tried to threaten them into paying or claiming to be from the courts. Fill out this form to stop the harassment. Take your life back before more serious legal action can be taken against you.

In the UK, their debt collectors usually work to collect a debt from not only the companies listed above but also major banks and various high street lenders.

As a debt collection agency working within the UK, they are licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are also a member of the Credit Services Association. The FCA has set out guidelines for all debt collectors to follow; this includes PRA Group.

If you feel they are not following the FCA guidelines, please fill out this form to get useful tips on how to deal with PRA.

Online Forums Are Full Of Posts From Concerned People Trying To Deal With Persistent Debt Collectors:

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What guidelines does PRA Group need to follow?

There are many debt collection agencies in the UK, and they must all operate within the guidelines that have been set for them. As mentioned, the Government has set out clear guidelines for all debt collectors in the Consumer Credit Act 1974, PRA Group included.

Debt collection companies are known to ignore these laws, using lies and harassment to get you to pay. Try our five-step questionnaire to find out how we can help you stop the threatening phone calls and better understand the debt collection process.

  • They must treat any debtor fairly. Meaning they are not to use tactics that are coercive, aggressive, or deceitful. They also cannot use any practices that might seem oppressive, improper, or unfair.
  • The information they provide should be clear and not misleading or confusing in any way.
  • If debtors are having any trouble paying their debt, they should be considerate of their circumstances.
  • When creating repayment plans, they should take into account the circumstances of the debtors.

If you are currently dealing with the PRA, and you are not sure that they are operating within these guidelines, fill out this form to see how we can help you know your rights. Debt collection agencies may have broken privacy laws under the GDPR.

In addition, consider reporting them to the FCA and the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will take steps to investigate them and remove their licence if necessary.

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Why is PRA Group trying to contact me?

PRA UK Limited is contacting you because they have purchased your debts from another company and want them paid; this is how debt collection agencies work. PRA Group is eager to contact the customers whose debts they have since they make their profits when the amount is paid in full. The relentless attempts to contact you can have serious negative effects on customers’ mental health.

If you are unsure which debts you might have outstanding, it is important to get that information from PRA before agreeing to repayment. Get a written notice of the debt and ensure nothing is mislabeled or misspelled.

By the time PRA has bought the debt, missed payments and interest have already been added. This means that you may owe a higher amount than you thought. Have PRA Group UK send you a copy of the original credit agreement. If they cannot provide you with that, then you do not have to pay them.

Some lenders’ PRAs have been known to purchase debt from are Wonga, Instant Cash Loans, Lloyds, and TSB. Chances are these original lenders have already added a default to the loan. If PRA UK now owns the debt, the name on the credit file will be different.

Take our free debt test for more information on dealing with the PRA group and debt advice. Get support in dealing with the threats of court action and others by the PRA Group.

The debt is real, now what?

If PRA Group UK has contacted you and you have verified that the debt is real, the easiest thing to do is repay the debt.

If you cannot repay or think future payments will negatively impact you, consider contacting the PRA Group to see if you can agree on a reduced repayment plan. If payment could send you into rent or mortgage arrears, fill out this form to see how we can help.

PRA groups are known for their less-than-lawful tactics when collecting debt, using lies and intimidation to get back the money. By completing this form, you can get tips on how to deal with them.

Should I pay PRA Group?

PRA Group UK Limited is a legitimate debt collection service. If you have followed the steps and your debt is real, then yes, you should pay your debt.

If you choose to ignore them, then you should be informed of your rights when dealing with the PRA group. Some of the methods that PRA Group will use to get you to pay your debt may skirt the line when it comes to the guidelines for debt collectors. If you feel they are not following the guidelines, contact us to get answers about your debts and rights.

I don’t want to or can’t pay, what can PRA Group do?

One important thing to know about PRA Group UK is that they work on a bonus system. The individuals in the call centre work for usually a minimal amount, and their earnings are topped up with a bonus that they get from your payment.

Due to their need to get you to pay to make their bonus, they are eager to speak with you about the debts. PRA Group debt collectors will call you using automated calls to try to get a hold of you when you answer these calls; usually, there is no one on the other line.

Please keep a note of how often PRA Group UK limited tries to contact you. If their calls are too frequent, this can be considered a breach of FCA guidelines.

Please get in touch for more information on dealing with PRA group and your debts.

When you do speak to someone, they may use a good cop, bad cop routine. You heard that right. PRA Group would have two different call agents deal with your case, and one will seem to care; the other will not. One will seem generally concerned about your debt and may even try to offer you debt advice. The second will be more uncaring and rude, concerned only with how you will repay your debt.

This tactic is used to wear you down and convince you to pay the debt off in full. Feel free to try our calculator to get help with dealing with calls from PRA credit. Do not be threatened with paying when you are unable to; your credit cannot get worse without legal action.

PRA Group debt does not always follow the guidelines by the Office of Fair Trading. One way they do this is by trying to speak to someone else about your debts and breaking privacy laws. PRA Group debt may also call claiming to be from the court or even pretending to be a bailiff.

PRA will try everything before taking legal action against you. Know your rights around these issues and for debt advice when it comes to the PRA Group.

How long can PRA Group try to collect my debt?

Under the Limitations Act of 1980, PRA groups and others like them can only pursue debt for up to six years from the last payment. After six years, debt is statute-barred, and no legal action can be taken.

If PRA Group has taken your debt to court and a County Court Judgment is raised against it, you can be chased indefinitely for payments.

Are you worried about legal action in the form of an Attachment of an Earnings order? Fill out this form to see how we can help.


Can the PRA Group come to my house?

Reviews from customers with past dealings with the PRA Group have been known to send debt collectors to the homes of those with outstanding debt. Despite this, it is important to know that they have legal powers to enter. The PRA Group cannot force entry into your home; they may only come inside if they are invited.

Fill out this form before the CCJ is involved, take control now.

If PRA has taken the issue of your outstanding debt to Court and you have received a County Court Judgment, then there is a chance bailiffs can come to your home. Since bailiffs work with CCJ, they have different legal powers. They may enter your home to take items from your home that equal the amount you owe on your debt.

If you are concerned about actions taken on behalf of PRA Group and the CCJ take the debt test to see how it can help you.

How do I pay PRA Group?

If you have chosen to pay off the debt held by the PRA Group, there are many ways for you to complete this and become free of the debts. For those looking for the quickest way to pay off the debt, you can pay online through the PRA Group website using a debit card.

Consider filling out this form to see if you have the pay the PRA Group.

PRA Group also accepts payments via their payment plan, with this option payment for the debts will be taken from your account on a fixed date automatically. Other options for payment of debt include payments sent by cheque at either the Royal Bank of Scotland brand, the Post Office, or by posting a cheque.

Are you having trouble paying your debts with PRA Group debt? Not sure if the debt is real? Call us or let us help you to find support. Don’t let debt control your life any longer!

How do I contact the PRA Group?

  • PRA Group (UK) Limited Registered Office: Wells House, 15-17 Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1LT.
  • Main Telephone: 0800 877 2772
  • Other Known Numbers: 03300663689, 02033683062, 02033683174, 08008772772
  • FCA number: 718645
  • Company Registration No 04267803
  • Website:
  • E-Mail: