Drydensfairfax Solicitors-Should You Pay Them? Stop Harassment, Letters & Stress

There’s A Fair Chance You Might Not Need To Make A Payment To Drydensfairfax Debt Collectors!

This company, like most debt collection firms, are notorious for posting debt collection threats. If you haven’t got the money to pay or feel you don’t even owe them a penny, then please read on.

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Who is Drydensfairfax?

Drydenfairfax is part of Drydens Limited, one of the largest debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom.

Drydensfairfax started working as a debt collector in 2005. Fairfax solicitors are known for collecting debt, sometimes on behalf of other companies.

Why are they calling me?

Sadly, the debt collection business is only growing with the influx of credit cards and credit card debt. Drydensfairfax solicitors sometimes buy outstanding debt from another lender for 20% of the amount owed. The company will then collect the money and even make money when the debt has been paid in full.

So if Dryden’s solicitors are contacting you with information in your credit file, it means they have bought your debt from another lender. Even though you may owe money to different companies and not Drydensfairfax solicitors directly, they are taking care of the debt collection now.

The solicitors that work with Drydensfairfax work on bonuses; they usually work for as little as they can legally be paid. This means Fairfax solicitors who reach out to you want to get the debt collection sorted out quickly so they can make extra money.

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What can they do?

Fairfax solicitors want you to pay your debt, and they have many different ways to get that money. As we mentioned, the Fairfax solicitors who contact you are working for a bonus, meaning they want you to pay, and to do that, they need to talk to you. One of the things the Fairfax solicitors will do is set up automated calls to go out to you at all hours of the day.

Another tool a Fairfax solicitor could use is playing both the caring person concerned for your debt and someone rude and judgemental, wanting only for you to pay what you owe to the debt collectors. This is a trick the Fairfax solicitor uses to wear you down until you pay them. When the Fairfax solicitors first contact you, their tone might be friendly, seemingly wanting to help. Then, speaking to them again with maybe a question or concern, the Fairfax solicitor will be different, more rude, and abrasive about what you owe.

A Fairfax solicitor might also try and lie to you, threaten you with a County Court judgement, or other legal actions. It is important to note that no matter what your situation is, you should never feel threatened, scared, or unsafe when speaking to solicitors.

If you do not pay the debt collectors, Drydensfairfax solicitors could be at your door. While owing debt can be a stressful time for individuals, it’s best to act on it and get debt advice rather than hoping for it to pass over.

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Is Drydensfairfax legitimate debt collection?

Drydensfairfax works under their more common name as Drydensfairfax solicitors.

Their website says they are a law firm with a focus on recovering consumer debt with the use of their solicitors. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is regulating Drydensfairfax and they can conduct their business by the Financial Conduct Authority.

On that note, it is essential to ensure they have the correct information regarding your account. When you are being contacted by one of Drydensfairfax solicitors for debt collection, you should first find out where the debt is coming from. This way, you can see the new amount with the added interest and how many payments have not been made. When that is done, contact the Fairfax solicitors and ask for the original credit agreement. You do not have that if they do not have to pay them.


What if I ignore the Fairfax Solicitors trying to contact me?

If you ignore the Fairfax solicitor when they are trying to contact you by phone, you may find someone visiting you at your home. The Fairfax solicitors have the information about your debt from the company you originally owned, meaning they also have your home and work addresses.

A Fairfax solicitor, part of a law firm, knows their way around the court. They can go to the County Court to try and claim the money from you. If you have been, in fact, taken to court, you will receive a County Court Judgement letter by post. The Fairfax solicitors are representatives of the debt collection agency, so there are some real consequences to ignoring them.

While they cannot send you to prison for outstanding debt, they can send bailiffs to collect items that amount to the debt you owe. While the debt collector cannot enter your home as they have no legal power to do so. What they can do it is take you to County Court and send a bailiff to your home.

How long can Fairfax solicitors try and collect a debt?

Fairfax solicitors can try to collect an outstanding debt for six years after your last payment by the Limitations Act of 1980. However, if they have gone through the court processes and issued a judgment letter, you can be chased without a fixed limit.

If six years have passed and no legal action has been taken, Fairfox solicitors cannot collect on this specific debt.

So the debt is real how do I contact Drydensfairfax?

On their website, they do not have the option for you to chat with a live agent. They also do not have a Drydensfairfax email for you to contact them. The only way to connect them from their website is by calling them. The number to call is a freephone number so know that you may be charged for calling them if you do not have inclusive minutes.

How can I pay what I owe to Drydensfairfax Solicitors?

When they speak with you, the Fairfax solicitors will hopefully give you the information on payment options. According to their website, they offer many ways for you to pay debit card online or by phone, bank transfer, or by internet banking. They give the option of setting up monthly payments directly from your bank, or you can mail in cheques.

Drydensfairfax Solicitors

  • 4th Floor, Fairfax House, Merrion Street, Leeds LS2 8BX
  • Main Telephone: 0113 823 3443
  • Other Known Numbers: 08433770317, 01138233482
  • FCA number: 677021
  • SRA number: 511996
  • Website: https://www.drydensfairfax.com/
  • E-Mail: webenquiries@drydensfairfax.com