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Some Recent Testimonials

Samantha Wade

David and his team got me a secured loan to tidy up 4 credit cards I had and a catalogue. Comes out just after my payday, same time as my mortgage. My life is totally de-cluttered. Its great!

Mr Browne (Leeds)

We had arrears and they got us a bridging loan then a remortgage. We got rid of the old secured loan we had too that was very expensive. They saved our family home by acting fast. We could have lost a lot of equity we had worked hard to put in our home.

Miss Katie Hargreaves

Another broker offered me a remortgage that looked OK, but when I contacted Jubilee they told me that my existing mortgage from 2005 was a really good deal and I should keep it. They got me a secured loan which was much cheaper all round and it went through faster.

Jon Kemp

I got a secured loan at a really good rate from Jubilee. I had enough money to buy a buy to let house for my daughter including the solicitor, stamp duty, valuation everything. Much better than renting for her. Now everything is stable.