Jubilee Plus Press Release

13 November 2001: Drops of Oil in a Sea of Poverty – The case for a new debt deal for Nigeria

25 September 2001: Argentina should be a test case for new insolvency process, says Jubilee Plus

21 July 2001: JMI statement on G7 final communique (Español) (Français)(Italiano)

19 July 2001: Jubilee Plus backs Bush’s proposal for grants, not loans (Español) (Français) (Italiano)

18 July 2001: “Rs400bn of Pakistan’s govt. revenues Rs330bn to go to debt service,” says Imran Khan

17 July 2001: Flogging a dead process (Español) (Français) (Italiano)

21 June 2001: INFID International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

25 April 2001: International Jubilee 2000 movement regroups

25 April 2001: Final Communique of the International Jubilee 2000 Conference

25 April 2001: Statement of the Jubilee International Movement For Economic and Social Justice. Bamako, mali, 21-23 April, 2001

19 April 2001: Launch of Jubilee 2000 successor website

The drawbacks of insolvency

The problem with a Government IVA Scheme is that it is stamped into the public record, so people can look you up and find out you have haircut your creditors. If you were in the public eye, you might end up in a press release!

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