Jubilee Plus Press Release

13 November 2001: Drops of Oil in a Sea of Poverty – The case for a new debt deal for Nigeria

25 September 2001: Argentina should be a test case for new insolvency process, says Jubilee Plus

21 July 2001: JMI statement on G7 final communique (Español) (Français)(Italiano)

19 July 2001: Jubilee Plus backs Bush proposal for grants, not loans (Español) (Français) (Italiano)

18 July 2001: “Rs400bn of Pakistan’s govt. revenues Rs330bn to go to debt service,” says Imran Khan

17 July 2001: Flogging a dead process (Español) (Français) (Italiano)

21 June 2001: INFID International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

25 April 2001: International Jubilee 2000 movement regroups

25 April 2001: Final Communique of the International Jubilee 2000 Conference

25 April 2001: Statement of the Jubilee International Movement For Economic and Social Justice. Bamako, mali, 21-23 April, 2001

19 April 2001: Launch of Jubilee 2000 successor website
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