Debt FAQs

How Do You Deal With Spousal Debt?

Though we would love our prospective spouses to have every desirable trait and none of the undesirable ones, this is usually not what happens. We all have flaws and for many people, being in debt is one of them. According to a March 2012 article in the Mail Online, 70 percent of Brits were [...]

How Do I Handle Utilities Owed By My Ex At My Current Address?

Get help sorting out Utility Bills and other financial problems caused by your Ex Partner. Reduce constant nagging phone calls and treatening letters Manage actions from debt collection agencies Professional and confidential help Relationships break up every day, and in the process, the former couple may not think about things like changing [...]

Is My Credit Report Affected by Inquiries?

There comes a time when you have rebuilt your credit to the point that you think it is finally safe to apply for a new credit card. When you do this, the credit card company runs a hard inquiry on your account. You already know this will show up your credit report, but how [...]

If I Move Abroad, Does My Debt Disappear?

Bankruptcy and debt are two words we are hearing more and more these days. Consumers are defaulting on home loans, looking for ways to avoid paying student debt, and leaving their keys in the car at the dealers and just walking away. So can you move abroad and avoid debt? Can you somehow get [...]

How Do I Dispute An Item On My Credit Report?

UK credit reference agencies gather information from credit applications, financial institutions, county court judgments, the electoral roll, and other sources and compile it into a document called the credit report. This report weighs heavily in lender decisions to offer credit card, loans, and other financial products. Credit history is the main section of the [...]

Is It Possible To Remove a CCJ From a Credit Report?

A County Court Judgment, or CCJ, it can cause significant damage to your credit rating. It becomes quite difficult to find lenders willing to offer financing when there is a blackmark on your credit report. So, if there is a CCJ showing up on your credit report, can it be removed? And, if it [...]

Can a Debt Collection Agency Force Me To Pay More Than I Can Afford?

Debt collection agencies have quite a few tactics, and one of them is trying to force a huge payment so they can close out the account as soon as possible. Some might paint a horrible picture of what might happen to you if you don’t make this payment, however, the ball is really in [...]

How Do I Handle Notification Of Decade-Old Debt?

Debt seems to follow people wherever they go. Though it may disappear for a while, it often resurfaces, and when it does, the consequences of not paying it may be more severe. Whenever possible, debt should be repaid as soon as it is incurred. If the debt is allowed to linger, interest, late fees, [...]